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Legacy of Expansion

The Foster Field House provides recreational and athletic opportunities for the community

On May 5, 2023 Colorado Mesa University celebrated the completion of the newest addition to campus, the Foster Field House, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. This state-of-the-art facility, located north of Escalante Hall and connected to the Maverick Center by a bridge, features four new basketball courts and additional classrooms. The facility serves as a multidisciplinary space that provides more recreational opportunities for the community, expands the university’s capacity to host regional athletic events and houses additional academic classrooms for the kinesiology department.

Named in honor of CMU President Emeritus Tim Foster, his wife Lisa and the entire Foster family, the Foster Field House stands as a testament to his dedication and transformative leadership during his 17-year tenure as CMU’s president. Throughout his time at the university, Foster spearheaded remarkable changes in academic offerings and expanded the physical footprint of the campus, leaving a lasting impact on the institution.

The occasion drew a gathering of esteemed guests, including members of the CMU Board of Trustees, CMU President John Marshall, community leaders and CMU faculty, staff and students. The ceremony celebrated Foster's enduring legacy and his unwavering commitment to CMU, even after his retirement, as he continues to positively impact the campus and the community.

CMU Assistant Professor of Kinesiology Alli Powell expressed her enthusiasm for the new facility, "I think it's really going to allow for a lot of innovation with our teaching. To have such a great classroom space and a fully functional lab will create a lot of opportunities for our students, versus bouncing around to various facilities to get what we need.”

Powell, along with Kinesiology Department Head Jeremy Hawkins and a third kinesiology faculty member, who is yet to be hired, will move into the Foster Field House as it becomes the new home for CMU’s Athletic Training graduate program.

Recently retired Director of Campus Recreation Lynn Nordine was instrumental in seeing the facility through to completion. From its initial conception in 2014 to its grand opening in 2023, Nordine was involved throughout the whole process.

“We are really excited about the expansion. It’s going to provide our students with more opportunities to participate in sports and other recreational activities. It will also allow us to host larger events and competitions, which will benefit not only our students but also the community as a whole,” said Nordine.

Foster, who was initially hesitant about having a building named after him, expressed his deep appreciation for this honor and the overwhelming support from CMU and the community. “It is enormously humbling, embarrassing even,” he remarked. “But my family, I think, will appreciate it.”

Foster was moved by the number of people present at the ribbon-cutting. He noted, "You walk into the room and see all these people that you worked with forever...people who love this university and you have relationships with. It's just heartwarming. And it's a testament to what this place is that we call home."

President John Marshall paid tribute to Foster's enduring legacy and his significant contributions to CMU. "President Emeritus Tim Foster is one of those people who's really left a legacy that's going to outlast him significantly. Thank you for everything you’ve done for this place,” he stated.

Additionally, Trustee Tim Fry expressed his gratitude for Foster's influence on CMU and the wider community and extended his appreciation. "The impact that he has had on students is going to last forever. And I'd say from a community standpoint, just thank you," said Fry.

The naming of the Foster Field House holds dual significance. It reflects the spirit and values of Foster, who prioritized student well-being and success throughout his tenure. Moreover, it deepens the connection between the university's past and present, literally and figuratively forging a bridge between CMU's rich history and its promising future.

The Foster Field House is an embodiment of CMU's commitment to fostering excellence, supporting athletic endeavors and providing a cutting-edge educational environment. With its completion, CMU and the surrounding community embark on a new era, carrying forward the values and dedication exemplified by President Emeritus Tim Foster, a true champion of education and progress.


Written by Madelynn Fellet

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